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Types Of Curtains and Designer Bedding

We're glad to offer you a great variety of curtains at Curtain 4u. The suggested collection of high-quality curtains includes different types of curtains you may dream of including ready-made curtains and custom made curtains which are usually designed by one of our experts or by you. No matter what type of curtains you're looking for - designer curtains, eyelet curtains, tabtop curtains or pencil pleat curtains – you'll certainly find a pair to meet your requirements and budget.

Ready-made curtains are extremely convenient to drastically change the appearance of any room. The great variety of ready-made curtains will provide you with the ones which would perfectly fit your room. They are available in various sizes giving you an opportunity to control the necessary amount of sunlight in your room.

Eyelet curtains have become extremely popular in the twentieth century due to their modern look and the effect they give to a room. Our collection of ready-made eyelet curtains isn't expensive and are easily hung via a pole on your window.

We're ready to offer you our collection of Designer curtains created by the leading home ware designers. These curtains include Rectella curtains, Montgomery curtains, Sundour curtains, Texcraft curtains and Ashley Wilde curtains.

Montgomery curtains are extremely detailed curtains which can be only found online. Your room will acquire a completely new look due to these curtains. They're advised by Curtains4U and aren't too expensive.

Rectella curtains are specially designed for people willing to have a really chic room. They are extremely exquisite and are recommended to be fitted with modern or traditional bedding.

Sundour curtains are available in rather traditional colours including blacks, creams, and whites. These colours offer any room a true lift. Thus, black Sundour curtains are extremely chic and will be liked by your guests.

Texcraft curtains belong to a complex collection of traditional and modern patterning. The presented Texcraft ready-made curtains are available in lined, eyelet, and pencil pleat version. Search for the ones more suitable for you.

Ashley Wilde curtains are ready-made curtains designed by the leading people in the modern design world. These are wonderfully designed and produced curtains that will complement any room. Our Ashley Wilde curtains are of high quality and low prices.

Designer bedding

Designer bedding will let you sleep like a real star due to its high quality and offered comfort. This designer bedding includes Kylie, Twiggy, Janet Reger and Linda Barker bedding.

Twiggy is a more home designer and our site presents a wide choice of her bedding. You'll certainly notice that this 60's hearty singer has made her best designing her Twiggy bedding range.

Kylie bedding is filled with glitter, silks and furs. Her exquisite bedding collection offers an extremely chic appearance in your bedroom. Kylie bedding includes 1930's deco with decorated cushions and satin products.

Janet Reger has been once the leading person in the design world due to her attention for detail. Her bedding is uniquely painted and will give immediate glamour to your bedroom.

Linda Barker bedding will transform your bedroom into a show room. She has contributed all her designing knowledge into the excellent appearance of her bedding. Linda Barker bedding is extremely stylish, comfortable and just attractive!